Why we should all drink more peppermint tea

I’m not going to lie, if two years ago you said that I’d be drinking peppermint tea everyday, I would’ve laughed in your face. If it wasn’t good ol’ English breakfast tea, I wasn’t having any of it. However, once I looked into peppermint tea and how good it is for you, especially if you have anything wrong with your digestive system, I had to try it and it turns out it tastes pretty darn good too!

As my ulcerative colitis gradually got worse, I started looking into more holistic methods of easing inflammation and looking for anything which might calm a flare down. I was pretty desperate and would try just about anything. I found that caffeine was one of my ‘triggers’ so I cut that out straight away and opted for decaf tea and coffee and this was when I started drinking peppermint tea too.
Peppermint tea is really good at easing bloating and, if like me, you suffer from bad indigestion it can help relieve it. I know that when it gets quite painful it can seem like it will never end but I always have a peppermint tea when I feel indigestion coming on or trapped wind and it really does help alleviate the pain. When I was flaring really badly before I went into hospital, I would have a peppermint tea after I’d eaten to help with digestion and with the pain I was in. It didn’t cure it but it defiantly helped relieve it.
If nausea is a symptom you suffer from, peppermint tea is also meant to be quite good too. I know that when I was in hospital they gave me peppermint water when I was being sick. I did just throw it back up again so I’m not so sure on that one!
I know that holistic methods aren’t for everyone and I have read online that for some people, it can make their IBD flare up more. Everyone is different, which can make finding the trigger foods harder! Obviously, it didn’t cure my colitis and it didn’t stop me from flaring either…it isn’t a miracle herb solution and it didn’t mean I stopped taking all my tablets either. But it helped over the two years and alleviated some of the pain and some of the symptoms.
If you’ve just had ostomy surgery, peppermint tea can be really good for you too. The nurses really recommended it to me (but I already had my trusty pack with me!) as it aids digestion, eases bloating and can also make your bag smell less. I’ve also seen online people but peppermint oil/capsules in there bag to aid with oder if you have a particular issue with that. 
The last reason as to why you should introduce peppermint tea into your life; it helps relieve stress which is something we all need in our lives! 

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