What’s In My Stoma Bag

Here’s a new take on the what’s in my bag tag as I thought I’d share with you what I keep in my stoma bag and by that, I mean what I use to change bags, not what’s in my actual stoma bag!! I’ve heard of a lot of people who struggle with bag changing, especially straight after surgery, however I’ve always been pretty good at it from the get go! Instead of been grossed out by it (FYI you shouldn’t be!!) I instead was throughly intrigued at how my body had changed. However, to change a bag (or two in my case!!) you need a few other bits and bobs to do so!

Side note, all of this can be delivered by SecuriCare

Lets start with what bags I use. For my stoma bag, I use the Coloplast SenSura Soft Seal Convex bags. I have to use convex as my stoma occasionally goes flat to my stomach which can cause leakages (and they suck majorly) however the convex bags flange (the stick bit on the back) is shaped so that it stops your stoma from doing it as much! These are the best bags I’ve tried as the flange moves with the body a lot better and doesn’t unstick from you. I highly recommend these!!

The bags I use for my mucus fiscula are the Welland Aura Drainable Pouch . I’ve always used these and have a love hate relationship with them as they always leak on me; not the bags fault but because my fiscula goes in to me rather than out like a stoma so when blood comes out of it it can get under the flange. This means whatever bag I have, I’m pretty sure it will leak however the good thing about these bags are that they allow to fiscula to drain and they don’t make my skin itch so, ya know, it’s not all bad!

The next thing I use are the Coloplast Brava Elastic tape which helps stop my fiscula bag from leaking. You just stick them on top of the bags flange and it makes it harder for the bags flange to get ridges in and leak. These are a godsend for me and mucus fiscula as it gives more support and means I can wear my bags for longer than a day without waking up with blood over my PJ’s and an emergency bag change at 3 in the morning. I’m not sure how, but with the strips on even though the bag does get ridges in it takes longer for the blood and mucus to actually get through it all so I don’t have leak leaks 🙂

Now to get the bags off, I use the Appeel adhesive remover which you just spray onto the flange and skin and voila the bags off! I then use the CliniMed non woven swabs to clean the stoma and the surrounding skin. These woven swabs are soft on the skin and work really well! I use a few (and wet some as well) and the skin is nice and clean. Finally, I use the CliniMed LBF non sting Barrier wipes which protects the skin surrounding the stoma.

Not pictured are the blue disposable bags which I put my used bags and wipes into to through away; they’re basically rubbish bags/nappy bags which just keeps things a bit more hygienic!

So there you have it, that’s what I use to change my bags! All of the above can be delivered by SecuriCare and if you ring them up I’m sure they’ll be able to help you find the perfect bags etc for you!