What to pack in your hospital bag

Flatlay : Cosmopolitan, Batiste dry shampoo, sure deodorant, hand cream, So Kiss Me body spray, kindle and slippers


Last week I was meant to have surgery to make my stoma permanent. Sadly, it had to be cancelled last minute because I had tonsillitis and it was unsafe to have the operation. Yeah, I know, not the most ideal situation.  I thought I’d still write my hospital bag essentials as the first time I went I had no clue what to take! I hope that you find it useful!



Let’s start with toiletries. Apart from clothes, these normally take up the majority of my bag. I take with me the usual; shampoo, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste and hairbrush. Something which I find an absolute life saver is dry shampoo. If you’re having surgery, you might not want to have proper showers, I know I didn’t as standing up was a lot of effort. Whilst you’ll still wash, your hair kind of gets left. Never fear, dry shampoo will become your best friend! I honestly have no clue what I would have done without it. Taking a good hand cream is also one of my essentials. I cannot stand the smell of hand soap in hospital and it dries my hands out so hand cream is very useful. My current favourite is the Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey as it’s specifically for dry and sensitive skin.

I know it’s a little strange to recommend a deodorant but  Sure Maximum Protection is a firm favourite. It’s one of the few which actually works and it lasts for 48 hours which is always a bonus. I also recommend taking a body spray in with you, just to freshen up and make you smell all nice, even if you are sat in hospital all day. My current go to is an old school favourite, So…? Kiss Me.


I always think it’s difficult to know what clothes to take into hospital with you. I like to have a change in the day as it keeps you in some kind of routine. Bare in mind why you’re in hospital, if you’re having abdominal surgery take clothes which won’t be too tight on your stomach! Don’t forget to take with you a pair of slippers which you can easily slip on and off and a pair of bed socks because it can get cold, especially on a night.


Being in hospital can be boring. I know you’re not there to go on holiday, but it’s always good to have a few things to keep you occupied. There’s a chance that you might not want to do anything, especially if you’ve just had surgery, but it’s always good to have the option. I like to take a magazine and my kindle and I buy the TV package on the hospital bed TVs. Last time, I also got a puzzle book just to have something to do! If you are using the TVs, don’t forget to take a pair of earphones!


So there are some of my hospital essentials! To add to this, don’t forget to take any medication you’re on and if you have a stoma, don’t forget to take bags with you too. If you’re going in to have a stoma created, then you’ll get given a load of bags by the hospital.

What are your hospital essentials? 


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