What to take (and what not to take) to University

I am one of those people who thinks I need to take everything with me to university to find myself with an over cluttered room and unpacked boxes which stay under my bed for the whole year – true story. It’s very easy to get sucked into the thinking that you need to take every worldly possession with you because how can you not live with it! So I thought I would give you my packing list, of which I too will be sticking to this year!

So I did a little infographic which you can download and print off here and use as a little check list. These are all the things which you definitely need with you; I would have been lost without a lot of these (and I actually forgot a lot of them too originally!).
I opted to get two of everything for my kitchen in case friends from home and stuff came round then at least you have something for them. Any more and you can normally ask your flatmates if they’d mind you borrowing them. Or you can opt for paper plates, something I have done before!
Pizza cutters are essential even if my dad didn’t believe me when I bought them! I make my own tortilla pizzas as snacks sometimes and having a pizza cutter is super handy. Oh and don’t forget oven gloves; I do every year and end up using tea towels which now have horrendous marks and holes in.
Having things to keep your room feeling cosy and like home are essential just to help you feel more settled in. So go mad on pictures and fairy lights! Don’t forget your blanket for colder nights and to just feel cosy, especially if you’re like me and my flatmates and end up sitting in the kitchen till god knows what time and watching films!
A shoutout has to go to having recipe books with you, even if it’s just one student one. I know you can always google for recipes but it’s always handy to have an actual book one (or 5 like me! I have a problem, I know!)
Having a door stop is definitely a must have if you’re moving into halls. You can just prop your door open so people feel like they can come and say hi in the moving days plus it makes it easier actually moving your stuff in when you’re moving in.
I didn’t take a dressing gown originally to uni but bought one on the first day because we had a shared bathroom and my room was the furthest away from the shower so yeah, defiantly needed a dressing gown!
Don’t forget to bring all your medication and stuff and bing enough for a good month so you don’t have to panic about where to get your prescription as soon as you get there.
Last but not least, make sure you pack a toilet roll. Yes, you probably will be doing a big shop once you get there but bathrooms are never supplied with toilet roll so it’s best to have one with you in case you need the toilet as soon as you get there! Plus, you can never have too much toilet roll really.
And what about the things you definitely don’t need. As much as it pains me to say this, you don’t need to bring your whole bookshelf! Just bring maybe one or two which you haven’t read but apart from that, you won’t have the space for loads of books! Same goes for DVDs; I did bring my TV but I use my Amazon Fire Stick to watch amazon and netflix and watch films on my mac so you don’t need loads of DVDs either (though Harry Potter one’s are always an essential!).
So there’s my packing list for University! Let me know in the comments if this was useful and what your essentials are.