What I Wear to the Gym

I try to keep active, whether that be going to the gym or to a class at the lifestyle fitness studio at home. We all know the struggle of getting round to going to the gym however I am a firm believer in good, stylish gym wear makes going to the gym a lot more pleasing!

Everything apart from my trainers are from USA Pro with both of the tops from Little Mix’s range which I absolutely love! When I saw this sports bra/crop top I had to buy it because I love the purple/blue/pink tie dye. It’s also super comfy and offers really good support which is what you want and need from a sports bra.

I put on the grey Little Mix tank top on top because I’m not one of those people who can go to the gym in just a crop top (and no, it’s not because of my stoma or scars it’s just I don’t really get it!!). I love the colour of the top with the grey tones and I got a size bigger than normal because I like baggy sports tops and it means you can see the sports bra underneath as well.

The leggings are just the normal black USA Pro ones and they’re super comfy and do offer good support for your stoma…part of me wishes they were a bit higher to cover the whole bag just so it was more supported but I haven’t had any trouble and it doesn’t dig in on my stoma either. I have these in the cropped style too which are just as comfy but the longer ones are more practical in the colder months.

Finally my trainers. These are the Skechers Flex Appeal Sweet Spot which I absolutely love. The best trainers I’ve ever had are my two pairs of Skechers, and I have some of their normal shoes too, mainly because of their memory foam sole which are perfect when you’re working out as it cushions your feet and helps prevent your joints from jarring. I’ve been looking online and I can’t find any in this colour any more but my mum got them in grey and turquoise and I wish I was a size smaller because I’d steal them to wear all the time because the pink is a little bright for day to day. Keep your eyes peeled on sports direct from them because they sometimes have really good deals (I got mine half price in the sales).

Let me know in the comments below what your essentials for the gym are!!