TRAVEL | Puerto Pollenca, Mallorca

If you haven’t noticed on all my social media (soz for the holiday spam!), I’ve been away in Puerto Pollenca in Mallorca and just got back at the end of the week and I already have some major post holiday blues.
Puerto Pollenca is one of my favourite places in the world. We first came when I was just under a year old and I learnt to walk here and we’ve been coming on and off ever since! It’s been four years since we were last here and I was so pleased to go back; it’s such a beautiful place which is timeless. I thought that it might have changed and become ultra modern and commercialised over the four years we haven’t been but it is almost exactly the same, with some cool new bars and restaurants mixed in with your typical old style spanish tapas bars. I’ve put together a little photo diary from Port Pollenca, to show you some of my favourite places! Stay tuned over the next few weeks because I’m going to be doing more posts on different places I went to in the ten days we were there.

Whilst we were there it was so hot and we actually didn’t end up having a beach day, opting to stay by the pool instead! The bay of Pollenca is so beautiful though and you can often see the whole way round to Port Alcudia which is on the same bay. Parts of the beach have watersports you can try and volly ball (I still haven’t done any of these in the whole time we’ve been going!) and other parts are perfect for just sitting and reading your book and playing in the sea!

Most nights we went to the Cappuccino bar which was ultra cool and totally instagrammable! it was also the perfect place to watch the sun set with a Pimms (or hot chocolate and it was more of the latter than the alcohol I’m afraid!) and also use their wifi to catch up with the day (seriously, there wifi was the saviour of the holiday!). They often had a DJ there on a night and the music they played was really cool and laid back and just made you feel relaxed whilst you watched people passing by (it was a seriously good people watching spot!). 

There are so many cute independent beach shops all selling really cute things which I really wanted to buy but, ya know, weight restrictions and all that! I found this awesome pink Vespa outside one and now I want one but I feel that it wouldn’t have the same air of cool on the streets of rainy England as zooming along the beach front of Mallorca – plus my mum down right refuses to let me get one! 

We had one dull/rainy day whilst we were there however the rest of the time it was scorching hot – I think one day we got to 35 degrees whilst we were in Palma! Whilst it was waaaay to warm at times, the views made up for it with the sky and sea being as blue as they were; it was literally like being in paradise. 

Whilst we were in Puerto Pollenca, it was fiesta time and the streets and the square were lined with bunting and on a night there was always something going on in the square, be it live music to Balearic line dancing (which we joined in with and it was really fun as well as hard!) as well as a night time market. There was such a buzz about the place and it was really fun to be immersed in it all!

The church in the square is such a focal point in the square! There are also two of my favourite restaurants on the square too; Casa Villa and Osteria (both of which I’ll be taking about more in a few weeks along with my other favourite eating spots!)

Market day in Puerto Pollenca is always so vibrant and full of life and it’s the perfect place to try some local produce or pick up a new bag. There is also live music, including panpipe music and three old guys singing old spanish songs; there’s so much going on and it’s always lots of fun! 
The back streets of Port Pollenca also hold some gems of restaurants and shops! One of my favourite things to do is mooch about those back streets and in the little shops to see what I can find! You often will find proper spanish tapas bars in these streets too and these are often the best ones! 

You can’t beat a good ice cream by the sea either! Ben and Jerrys always used to be my favourite and I’d always beg to go to their ice cream parlour on the front however I think that I might not be the biggest B&J fan anymore (I know, I know – don’t judge me!). There were so many homemade mallorcan ice cream parlours on the front though and their ice creams were A-MAZ-ING! I even ventured away from my go to, mint choc chip, and tried new flavours which was actually really fun!

So there’s a little photo diary of Puerto Pollenca! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been and where your favourite place in the world 🙂