Tech Wishlist*

I love my tech and recently I’ve been lusting over a lot of different things. This could also be called the camera wishlist because there’s a fair few I’d quite like at the moment!

The first item on my wishlist is the Panasonic Lumix Camera, specifically the DMC-LX100. I love the size of the camera as it’s more of a compact size however it has a lot of features and add ons (lenses and flashes etc) which you can get.

The second camera is a GoPro; I’ve wanted one of these for ages! They’re just so compact and very durable which is a big plus for me because I manage to break EVERYTHING! I really want to get the dog attachment too just to take a dogs eye view video.

Now onto the Apple products. I’m an Apple girl; I love my iPhones, macbook and iPads so it’s not shocking that an iPad Pro. The main reason I want one is because I find my iPad mini a bit too small to do work on but my Mac too heavy to carry to uni so the new iPad seems like the perfect in-between…it’s just a shame it’s so expensive!

The next thing on my list is the marble iPhone and Macbook covers. I know, it’s a blogger cliche with the whole marble thing but it just looks so damn good! Plus, I love a good cover on my tech!

The final thing on my list is some iPhone clip on lenses just to try out and see what difference they make to the photos. They just look really cool and like they could up my instagram game!

*this post is in collaboration Panasonic. Read the full disclaimer here