Ricola Sugar Free Sweets*

When Ricola got in touch about trying some of their sugar free sweets I jumped at the chance because I’m a self confessed sugar addict; I love my sweets, cakes and chocolate way too much and I’m not alone. Apparently 64% of Manchester’s adults  are careless about their sugar intake with 10% enjoy a sweet treat every day (this is definitely me) and 26% realising that they have too much sugar (again, this is me)
I was skeptical to say the least about sugar free sweets because lets be honest, sugar free never fulfils that sugar craving you want/need. However, as soon as I tried these I knew they were a winner! Since getting them two weeks ago, I’ve let friends and family try some too and we’ve all said the same; you really can’t tell there’s no sugar and they taste so sweet and refreshing. So far, I’ve tried Cranberry, Orange and Elderflower and all three taste delicious. I don’t like liquorice so I gave that one to my mum who really enjoyed it and now has them in her bag all the time. 
Ricola had a Sugar Swap event in January to encourage shoppers to ditch the sugar and swap it for the Ricola sweets and if you’re interested in you can head to www.ricola.com. There’s also the Change4Life Sugar Smart App where you can track the amount of sugar you eat. I’m not sure whether I’m ready to do that yet purely because I know that I will be shocked at how much sugar I do eat.
However as lent has arrived, I’ve decided I’m going to cut down on sugar, especially the chocolate, so if you know of any good sugar free recipes, leave them in the comments below! 
*The Ricola sweets were gifted to me however all thoughts and opinions are my own genuine ones. Read whole disclaimer here