Relaunching my YouTube Channel

I go through phases with watching YouTube. Sometimes I can spend hours watching vlogs and videos and other days I can’t find anything I want to watch. I’ve always loved the idea of starting my own channel; I love filming and editing videos. Last August, I started and made a few videos but then I kind of stopped. However I still have this urge to create video content and try something new!

Seeing as I’ve finished uni and I’ve just relaunched my blog, I thought now would be the perfect time to start YouTube again. I’m so excited to be creating video content again and I have in my head how I want the channel to look. There are going to be to camera videos like today’s but I’m really excited to try some other styles too!

There’s going to be new videos every Sunday at 6PM so you can subscribe to my channel so you’re always up to date! I’ll also be sharing the video on the blog every Wednesday. Along with this, there’s going to be new blog posts every Monday and Friday. I can’t explain how excited I am with the new direction I’m taking my little blog on and can’t wait for you all to come along with me!

If there are any videos you would like me to make, let me know in the comments below!