Postcard Wall

I love having colour on my walls however at uni I obviously don’t have the option of painting a feature wall so I just have a blank canvas of a white wall; which can be a blessing and a curse. Recently, I had the idea of using postcards to create a feature wall on one of my walls and I’m actually loving how it’s coming together!

I headed over to Paperchase to check out their array of postcards and went a bit crazy buying a shed load of them. I love the mix of inspirational words and amazing artwork. The great thing is I can add to it at anytime…my plan is to add postcards I collect on holidays so it becomes a mix of inspiration and memories all on one wall.

I’ve just used bluetac to attach them to the wall because I’ll have to take them down in a few months but I’ve seen some really cool walls use washi tape to stick them and also picture frames. I’m tempted to try the picture frame idea at my room at home and get some quirky frames from charity shops.

Have you created a feature wall?

Katie xo


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