Ostomy Outfit of the Month | January

Hello Chums! It feels like ages since I did an ostomy post; and even longer since I did an ostomy outfit of the month post. This months post is actually the outfit I wore on New Years Eve however it’s one which you can dress up or down; the definition of ‘smart casual’. 

I feel like with this months outfit you can definitely tell I’m becoming more comfortable with my stoma as I’m wearing jeans almost every day now and I’m not always wearing really baggy, long tops and t-shirts now. 
I really loved this outfit; it was really comfortable as well as stylish and you all know me well enough by now to know that I’m all about the comfort! 
The shirt you might recognise from my Sales Picks 2015 post as I picked it up in the sales in New Look. I can’t get over how soft the fabric is and how nice it moves when it’s on. I’ve already talked about how I love the neckline of the shirt as it isn’t a typical shirt collar which I find very flattering and more feminine. 
The jeans are my absolute favourite, Topshop’s Joni Jeans. These are really flattering with an ostomy as they support your bag well and the waistline is very unlikely to sit on your stoma as they’re super high waisted. I talked about getting the right size here
The bracelet I wore is actually one of those magnetic ones which helps with bad joints and circulation. I got it from the local market, so I don’t have a link to send to you. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well the bracelet works; before wearing it I had really bad pains in my joints, most notably knees, everyday and it would be really painful however since wearing the pain has dulled and isn’t as regular either. Unlike many of the bracelets like this, it doesn’t actually look like a ‘medical’ bracelet but has a gorgeous design on it too. It’s just so pretty!
Finally the shoes! They’re just a little pair from Sainsbury’s which I picked up in the sale for £7 as I left my favourite ones at uni over christmas. They’re faux suede and super comfy and they just added the right amount of formal/glam for new years eve. To dress down the outfit, you could wear some converse or chelsea boots! (that’s what I did today!)
There you have it! Let me know in the comments below what you think of the outfit and your ostomy outfit tips.