Ostomy Flattering Outfit of the Month

I feel that this weekend we’ve well and truly seen winter in. There was the first snowfall of the season and whilst it wasn’t a lot, it was enough and it brought a chill to the air. This months outfit is a little more geared towards the colder snaps and I’m also sharing with you one of my favourite pairs of jeans which I feel don’t restrict my stoma too much so carry on reading for the low down! 
Okay, so lets start with the jumper. I’ve just bought this for £10.00 from Primark. I love it a) because it’s stripes and who doesn’t love stripes?! and b) because it’s long enough to cover your bag and baggy enough to hide it if it blows right up however because it’s designed to be a baggy jumper it doesn’t look like you’re wearing something two sizes bigger than you are (which, let me tell you, I do a lot). It also feels really soft and has a lovely zip detail at the back. To be honest, I love knitwear and Primark has a great selection of oversized jumpers which are great if you want to not worry about your bag blowing up. 

Now, onto the jeans. I have struggled to find a comfy pair of jeans since getting my stoma and it’s only been in the past two or so months that wearing jeans is something I can do all day. The pair I’m wearing today is Topshop’s Joni Jeans. These are great because they’re super highwaisted so the waistband is unlikely to sit on your stoma. Now, for sizing I’ve gone two sizes above what I’d normally wear for two reasons. The first is that with Joni jeans, they recommend getting a size above your normal size and then I’ve found when trying jeans on that any brand I like a size bigger than normal just to allow room for the stoma a bit more. The key thing I recommend doing though is try on and try lots of different brands too to find the perfect fit, brand and size of jeans. My other little bit of advice is the first time you wear them after surgery you may only be able to wear them comfortably for a few hours but trust me just keep trying and they do become more comfy. 
So there’s this month’s ostomy flattering outfit of the month. Let me know in the comments what you think of this outfit and leave your ostomy outfit tips!