My Travel Essentials with CabinZero


I’ve found the older I get, the more of an urge I have to go and explore the world. I have this urge to go out and explore different countries and different cultures. An urge to go see beautiful views and just go and explore. For someone who loves their bed and staying at home, the is something quite new to me! I always love travelling to places, but I have a new sense of almost needing to go which I’m wanting to embrace more in 2018.

Over the past few years of going to different places, I’ve built up a little selection of my travel essentials which help me feel a bit more at home and at ease whilst I’m away. These essentials aren’t essentials in the sense of a passport, clothes etc but more things which help calm me and feel more comfortable or allow me to document my journey.

Home away from home travel essentials

A good book

There’s nothing I love more than having a good book to read whilst I’m on a journey somewhere. Especially when you’re on a long journey, there’s nothing better than getting lost in another world. On my recent trip to Mull I read The Crow Girl which is a psychological thriller and had me hooked for the whole holiday.

My Camera

I love taking photo’s, especially when I’m away. I’ve found that since I got my Olympus Pen, it has come everywhere with me when I’m away. I love documenting holidays and trips in  photo’s so I’ve started carrying my Instax camera too (I know, it’s a lot of cameras but sometimes it needs to be done!)

Wireless Beats Headphones

Most of my holiday’s and trips I’ve taken I can define with a certain playlist, album or even song. I love listening to music and having noise cancelling headphones are a definite essential, especially when you’re on a plane!

Fluffy Socks

This might be a slightly strange one but does anyone else find that when you’re travelling somewhere you get cold feet? Whether I’m on a plane or on a long car journey, I can’t be without my fluffy socks to keep my feet and ankles warm!

Notebook/bullet journal

I find that when I’m away, I have an urge to either write or draw so I always like to take a notebook (or my bullet journal) with me so I have somewhere to do that. After countless holidays spent searching for the ‘perfect’ notebook or sketchbook, I like to take my own now!

My CabinZero Bag

My new essential is the CabinZero bag which I used for the first time when I went to Mull. I honestly don’t know how I’ve done a trip without it. I managed to fit a weeks worth of clothes and uni work in there as well as my essentials and it’s super easy to carry as a backpack. It’s waterproof, meets most airline’s hand luggage spec AND it has a lost and found tag in it so you can trace your bag. You guys can get 10% off your own CabinZero bag as well with the code CZKATIEMAY1

What are your travel essentials?
Katie May ❤️