My First Physiotherapy Session

Ever since coming out of hospital over a year ago, I’ve really been struggling with joint pain. I had kind of thought that it was due to loosing so much weight and muscle and been in bed for over two weeks and the pain was due to that and that once I started getting active again, the pain would eventually go. 
Fast forward a year and I was suffering from pain in my ankles, knees, hips and small of my back so I decided to go to the doctors and get it checked out. Because I’d been on steroids, have ulcerative colitis and have a family history of arthritis, I had all the blood tests to see if that was the case and luckily (and quite surprisingly!) I don’t have arthritis! 
However, I do still have pain which kind of sucks. So I’ve been sent to physiotherapy to see is that helps before they send me to have more x-rays see consultants so last Thursday I headed to my first physio session. 
I had one of those annoying moments that the day I go to physiotherapy is the first time in weeks I’ve had no pain or stiffness at all. Typical! I first had a chat with my physio, discussing when and where I get the pains, my medical history etcetera etcetera. I then started doing some exercises such as touching my toes (which I’ve never been able to do!) and then I had to do things such as using my legs to much against things. 
Turns out I have pretty weak joints. That’s what we learnt this week. So I’ve been set homework to do one exercise everyday. I have to stand on one leg and bend 10 times on each leg and do three sets of that a day. It may sound pretty simple but it’s actually quite hard! I’m also looking into starting pilates as it’s really good for strengthening your joints and muscles! 
So there’s a little health update for you all and my first time physio experience. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had physiotherapy and what you thought of it.