My First Concert Experience With A Stoma

The other week I went to see McFly and this was my first time going to a concert since getting my stoma a year and a half ago. I was a little apprehensive, the venue was small and standing only, however it’s my favourite band and the first time they’ve toured in about 4 years so there was no way I was missing it.

Overall, my experience was great and no different to going to a concert without a stoma really. I didn’t use the toilets at the venue, mainly because I didn’t want to loose my place, so when my bag did blow up a bit on the second night I was a little bit nervous and worried about a leak however, I wore a comfizz waistband which kept everything in place and secure and the baggy tee that I had tucked in became untucked so you really couldn’t see the bag at all!

My biggest concern was going to be people bumping into me and my bag getting knocked. The second night of the concert, this girl in front of me had a backpack on and did keeping bumping me a bit and very near my bag but it was okay! I put my hand over my bag and moved away from her a bit (we luckily had a bit of space around us) and most importantly, I didn’t let it ruin my night!

Let me know in the comments below your tips for going to concerts with a stoma and let me know your concert experiences!