My every day face

I feel like I ned to apologise for the selfie but who doesn’t love a good selfie eh? And it’s sort of fitting with today’s post which is my every day make up which you can see in said selfie. I’m a big fan of the barely there make up for day to day activities so I thought I’d share the look with you all.

Let’s start with the face. I recently went to the L’Oreal counter in boots because I was looking for a new foundation and I came back with foundation, primer and a new concealer because there was a deal on which was buy any two products for £14 and I couldn’t resist. The primer feels really nice on the skin and doesn’t feel like it’s clogging your pores up which I have found with other drugstore primers (Rimmel, I’m looking at you!). Not only does it feel nice on the skin, and smell great, but it actually works too. The next product is the foundation which is the true match foundation in creamy beige. When I was at the counter I actually got the woman there to try a few out on me so I got the exact right shade because I always struggle. The woman was so friendly and nice and I urge you all if you’re going to get a new foundation, just ask them at the counter to help you because I learnt so much in that ten minutes I was there (plus I had beautiful make up for the whole day, which is always a plus side). The foundation is really lightweight and offers a medium coverage but it is defiantly buildable to get more coverage. Now, on with the concealer. If you read this post you’ll be surprised to see that I’ve already moved on from it but I have. I still love the Maybelline concealer but the shade I have is the same colour, maybe a little darker, than my foundation so it looked a bit strange. The true match concealer crayon, again from L’Oreal, is a lovely creamy formula which covers dark circles well and also highlights as well. I got the shade N3 which is vanilla and it actually complements the foundation well. I nearly got the beige shade but I didn’t want it to be the exact same as the foundation otherwise I’d have the same predicament as before. The final face product is powder and I use Rimmel’s Stay Matt in translucent. I’ve used this for the past year and a half and doubt that I will ever use any other because it works really well, sets the make up and stops shine, and is super cheap as well. What’s not to love! 
If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweet thatI’d finally invested in the Real Techniques core collection brushes. I’m seriously wondering why I didn’t buy these sooner because they are so amazing and make my make up go on easier and look better. When it comes to mascara, I’m defiantly a Benefit girl! Normally I use the They’re Real mascara however I am loving their new Roller Lash which I, like everyone else in the blogging community, couldn’t wait to get my hands on. It’s really good and I’m tempted to get a full sized one when I’ve finished my They’re Real one. I have quite thick eyebrows and never used to do anything with them however after receiving a More Brows mascara wand in a glossybox last year I’m in love! The only downside is that this one is about £20 which is a lot but my mum found a great dupe from Rimmel which I might try when I finish this. I love it because it defines the brows without looking fake and drawn on. I also use the Rimmel Khol black eyeliner which isn’t pictured because I’ve just ran out (cries). When it comes to lips I switch it up between two; Rimmels lasting finish by Kate Moss in the shade 08 and MAC’s Lustre in Fresh Brew. I switch between the two because sometimes I like to have quite a nude lip with a bit of sparkle, which MAC is perfect for, and sometimes I want a pop of colour but not too much and Rimmel’s is really good for that. Both are lovely and creamy and don’t dry my lips out at all. 
So that’s my daily face; tell me in the comments below what your make up must haves are. 
Katie xo

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