MARCH : Ostomy Outfit of the Month

Firstly apologies for it being such a long time since the last ostomy outfit post! But we’re back and I feel that this months outfit has definitely been inspired by the sunny weekend we’ve just had and is a lot more spring/summer than some of my other outfits in the series. 

 Let’s get on with giving you the low down on the outfit! 
The top is from New Look and is a linen blend red and white striped t shirt. I am obsessed with striped tops and I think my wardrobe is 90% stripes; they’re just so easy to wear and go with just about anything. I really like the weight of this top as it’s quite light but you could put a cami top on underneath when it’s colder and it wouldn’t look too bad! The neck line is also really flattering as it’s not super high but it’s also not really low either; it’s a nice medium which is great for spring days! There was also a black and white stripe top too and I’m really tempted to go back and get it! 

So the jeans are the high waisted Mom jeans from Topshop. Now these are normally £40.00 however I found them in the sale at my local Topshop for a bargain of £20.00 (plus student discount so they were only £18). I’ve been after a pair of these for months and I’m so glad I’ve managed to get some because they’re so comfy, especially for us ostomates! Because they’re not super skinny jeans, there’s very little pressure on or around your bag and as they’re high waisted the waist band is no where near my stoma. As a matter of fact, this pair’s waistband is above my whole bag which actually makes you feel a lot more supported with your bag.

The jacket I put with this is a Levi’s denim jacket which I found in a thrift shop in Manchester and got for a bargain of £10.00. I can’t find one on the Levis website which is the same but this one is kind of similar but seriously keep your eyes out for them in charity/thrift shops and on eBay because you’ll find them a lot cheaper.

The shoes are my trusted leather converse which are looking a bit worse for wear and probably need cleaning but they’re so versatile and are my go to shoes!

So that was this months ostomy flattering outfit. You can see last months outfit here and the rest of the series here.