LIFE // Sunday Lunch at Sharrow Bay

Last Sunday I headed to Sharrow Bay with my parents for a lovely Sunday dinner. I was really excited to go here as it is highly spoken of however I was also quite a bit nervous as it was my first ‘proper’ outing since coming out of hospital and I was worried that the food might hurt my stoma. It didn’t, thank god, and I happily enjoyed my food.

The view we had was amazing as we ate; overlooking Lake Ullswater. Even though it was a tad bit grey, it was still beautiful. The dress I’m wearing, believe it or not, is from Sainsbury’s and felt and looked really nice on. 
Choosing what to have to eat was such a toughie because it all sounded amazing! Whilst we were choosing what we wanted, we had an appetiser of mushroom risotto (I picked out the actual pieces of mushroom because I was told not to eat mushrooms/be careful with them) which was gorgeous. 
Before our starters came, we were given a salmon pate on a bed of spinach with a sauce which I can’t actually remember but let me tell you it was divine! And what was better, it was completely unexpected because we didn’t actually order was a surprise course. 
For starters, I ordered the soufflé of spinach, stilton and roasted chives. Out of the whole meal, this was my least favourite course…it was a bit too strong for me, which is surprising because I’m a big cheese lover. I don’t know, I couldn’t finish it though as it was a little bit too much. 
My dad and I both had the roast beef for our main and let me tell you, it was quite possibly the best roast I’ve ever had. The beef (I had mine well done and my dad had his medium) was full of flavour and was cut really thinly, which is just how I like it. The carrot puree and roast potatoes were to die for too. 
My mum had the trout on a shrimp risotto which looked amazing and apparently tasted as good as it looked…it must’ve been good because my mum didn’t leave any of it!
Another surprise course! Now, when I was told I was been given Rhubarb jelly I was a bit dubious to say the least but oh my goodness it is the the best jelly I have tasted. Ever. It had a lovely bitterness to it which was mixed with a sweetness too. It was a burst of flavour in your mouth and I could’ve happily had a full bowl of it.
The final course was definitely a showstopper! Whilst I know that Sharrow Bay is famous for its Sticky Toffee Pudding, I just wasn’t in the STP mood and I went for the chocolate and coffee mousse cake with white chocolate ice cream instead and I am so glad I did because not only did it look amazing, it tasted amazing too! I was worried the ice cream would be too sickly but it wasn’t and it complemented the cake perfectly. 
All in all, I had a great time at the Sharrow Bay and was not let down by the food, it was superb. Not only was the food delicious, the staff were so welcoming and nothing felt like too much of a problem for them; they were attentive and friendly and really made the day.