Ladival Summer Sports Giveaway

As you may have seen, I’m a Ladival Sports Ambassador and I’ve teamed up with them to offer one of you lucky readers the chance to win one of their summer sports bundles which include some great prizes (I’m very jealous of whoever wins it!)!

Sun protection is so important, nearly 2/3 (61%) of young people aged 13-24 have avoided using sunscreen in order to get a better tan but it is the damage done to your skin when you’re young that could lead to skin cancer developing in later life, so it’s vital to get clued up now and protect yourself from the sun. I’m a big fan of the Ladival range and really like how they offer lots of different SPFs which you can get in spray and lotions as well as an after sun range, which I’m a huge fan of as it repairs some sun damage and is my go to if I ever feel that I’ve been out just a little bit too long!

As well as the giveaway, Ladival have started the #LoveSPF Rally. Every time you post a picture on instagram and twitter with the hashtag, Ladival will donate £1.00 to Teenage Cancer Trust. So go take some selfies (hopefully in the sun!), tag some friends and raise some money.

Now, time for the giveaway! This set of goodies are going to set you up perfectly for summer as you can win;

1. bkr 250ml water bottle
2. Adidas Graphic Tote Bag
3. Nike 2.0 Lightweight Armband
4. A summer supply of Ladival Sun Protection SFP 15, 30 & 50 Lotion & Spray

Good Luck!