January in Photos

  • I saw New Year in with my mum, dad & grandad with a gorgeous meal 
  • I’ve definitely tried to make fitness one of my new year resolutions and have found myself going to the gym or fitness class at least once a week
  • Another New Year’s Resolution was to see my friends more which obviously includes curry/board games nights
  • It snowed! Which means obligatory snow walks ft pictures
  • I got these awesome 101 Dalmation Vans. I’m just a little bit obsessed with them! 
  • I spent the weekend in Newcastle with one of my best friends which included going to a cat cafe…what more can you want in life!
  • I saw the first snowdrops of the year in the last few days of January! 
  • The most amazing hot chocolate ft cream, marshmallows, malteasers and a chocolate spoon!
  • Finished the month with cold and windy dog walk around a lake