Introducing my sponsor : SecuriCare & CliniMed

I’ve been so excited to tell you all about this latest news. This blog has been sponsored! SecuriCare & Clinimed are a company who give support and supply stoma products to all us ostomates! So what does this mean for the blog? It means that I’ll be putting even more effort into the blog and producing more stoma related content…so nothing too different! But it means that I get to not only make some money out of something I love doing but also create more awareness about stomas and SecuriCare & CliniMed, a company who has been there for me since before I even got my stoma!

So, let me tell you a bit about my experience with SecuriCare. My stoma nurses are actually apart of SecuriCare so from the few days before my surgery, I’ve been very aware of the company. All my information packs have come from there and from day one I’ve felt really supported. Any questions I had, I either went to my information packs or my stoma nurses (shout out to Jill, Gill, Nicky and Catherine!). SecuriCare are also a delivery company of all things stoma, so all my bags, sprays, LBF wipes and cotton swap things come from them. They can supply all of the brands so it makes it super easy. You either use the online form to order, ring up or email them (shout out to Damien who often emails me to remind me to order ’cause I’m pretty useless at it!). I’ve used both online ways and they’re both really reliable. Living in the deepest depths of Cumbria doesn’t seem to delay my orders either, which is defiantly a plus! Don’t be afraid to ring that number above if you want more information because the people on the other end are so friendly and helpful!

So there’s my exciting news! Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting things on the blog soon and I’ll see you all on Friday for a very yummy post