Introducing Chronically Living

Happy new year folks!

2018 is upon us which is the perfect time to start new things and set new goals (stay tuned for a post all about goals this week!) With it being a fresh start to the year, I wanted to announce a new thing coming to KTMY. I don’t necessarily wanted to call it a new segment mainly because it’s a bit bigger than that. Chronically Living is more of the direction I want to take the blog in. It’s more than a segment but is still keeping the ethos of what KTMY is.

So what is Chronically Living?

Chronically living is all about living with a chronic illness. I want to offer advice, tips and share my experiences to help make the most of good days and help you through the bad days.

Towards the end of 2017, I had some flare ups and my health wasn’t the best. I’d had a few good months and forgotten just what it was like to be ruled more by your health. This is where Chronically Living stemmed from. The whole thing with chronic illnesses is that they are something you have to live with and can often feel very limiting and I wanted to showcase the ways that not only I deal with it, but get other people onboard too to share their experiences.

Each month, Chronically living will deal with different aspects of having a chronic illness, whether that’s a symptom such as fatigue or mental health, or looking at specific illnesses I want to raise awareness of all the aspects of chronic illnesses because often they’re quite overlooked. There will be weekly posts on the blog every Monday (and hopefully a video too but that’s still being figured out!) which will be about the months topic. If you have topic suggestions, feel free to send me a tweet or email because I really want to get everyone involved! Also, don’t forget to use the #ChronicallyLiving hashtag on social media to get involved.

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Another thing I’m launching with Chronically Living is a monthly newsletter! It will be a round up of what’s been on the blog that month as well as featuring exclusive content, interviews and printables. You can sign up now here so you’re ready for the first email on the last Sunday of the month.

This months theme : Fatigue

The first issue we’re dealing with is fatigue. Fatigue is something which affects most people with chronic illnesses; turns out that your body attacking itself can be quite draining! Fatigue can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re young and look well; people assume you should be out doing anything and everything. This month’s blog posts will be dealing with productivity, how to improve sleep, tips to help relax, anaemia and more! If you want to contribute to this months newsletter, drop me an email at

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