How to increase productivity when you’re in a funk

Do you ever get that feeling where you want and often need to do something but have absolutely no motivation to do that thing. I often get this feeling when I have loads of blog ideas and business ideas but have no clue where to start. I also get that feeling when I want to blog but have absolutely no clue what to write. The dreaded bloggers block.

I don’t just get this feeling with blogging though. This feeling comes with uni work, wanting to start new projects or even wanting to cook sometimes. The pull of netflix can be too strong sometimes and I think “I could go do X but I could also watch another episode of  friends”.  I know it sounds bad, and some of you may argue that it’s a bit slobbish, but we’ve all been there.

Side note : Sitting watching a whole series of Friends in a day is totally okay and acceptable (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself) but when it starts being a reason to not do something you kind of want to do, it is maybe a bit of a problem.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking at ways to increase my productivity and motivation because there were so many things I’ve been wanting to do including blogging, taking more photos and taking classes on skillshare. So, here are some ways I’ve been increasing my productivity after being in a bit of a funk.

How I’ve increased my productivity after being in a funk

1. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are my absolute favourite thing in the world. I love listening to lifestyle podcasts so much; not only are they informative and inspiring, they also really help me be productive.  I choose podcasts which are inspiring and informative and add to a debate; I find it’s like listening to the radio but getting to choose exactly what you hear. Some of my favourites are the Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete, Hashtag Authentic and Is it just me? and they really help with my productivity.

2. Write down what you want to achieve 

How can you go out and achieve if you don’t know exactly what you want to achieve. One of my favourite things to do is write down what I achieve. I do this daily, weekly and monthly. I write down things I want to do (i.e read a book, take an online class, write a blog post) as well as what I want to achieve (i.e. career goals, personal goals etc) and it help clears my mind. Not only does it clear my mind, it also helps me focus on what I want and it helps me create an action plan.

3. Journaling 

Linked with writing down what I want to achieve, journalling is one of my new favourite things. At the end of last year, I started up my bullet journal again and it’s changed my life. Two years ago I had one and I think it lasted a month and never really helped. However, my bullet journal take 2 has revolutionised how I function day to day. I have a monthly tasks section and then on my week spread I have daily to do checklist which helps focus what I want to do. I also have a section where I write down daily what I did that day and my thoughts which really helps me a) offload and b) look back at what I’ve been doing. (p.s let me know if you want to see a bullet journal flip through thing)

4. Waking up earlier

I love my bed. Some days I do not want to get from under the covers. BUT, I’ve started to realised the days where I force myself out of bed and start on my to do list (easier tasks first) I actually get more done. Not only do I get more done, I also feel a lot better in myself because I’m like YES I’VE ACHIEVED SOMETHING.

5. Get dressed 

This is a massive one if you’re working from home. Something as simple as putting on a different outfit (my go to is mom jeans and a tee) making your bed and sitting down with a cup of tea can boost productivity majorly. The days I stay in my PJs are the ones which end up with me getting lost in a Friends marathon with little else actually being done.

6. Get out of the house

Getting fresh air, and preferably back to nature, does wonders to my mindset and my productivity. Whether it’s going on a walk with my dog or just going to grab a coffee, getting out of the house and away from the glaring screen of my laptop, just the smallest thing can really boost my productivity.

Let me know in the comments how you boost your productivity