So this is a very exciting blog post to write. If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you will already know this news. I wanted to share it on here too because a) I’m super excited about this and b) you will hopefully be seeing lots of content on the blog and my social media about this. So yeah, as the title says, I’M A FINALIST IN THE BLOG RACE!!!!

So, what is the blog race???

What is the blog race I hear you ask. Think Ru Paul’s Drag Race meets the blogging world. It’s been set up by the wonderful Vix and Laila each week the 15 finalists have to complete a challenge to produce a certain type of content. Whether it be blog posts or social media, we find out weekly. Then on Saturday, there’s the chance to vote for your favourites, and then after judging and the vote, you have to tweet for your life on Sunday if your in the bottom two.

I love the whole ethos of the blog race – it’s all about putting positivity back into the blogging community and you know what, it’s being amazing. It’s only been a week and already there has been so much positivity. Not only have I found some amazing new bloggers, I’ve also felt like I’m really part of a great community. There has been so much support and everyone has been so friendly.

The first challenge was to create two instagram posts (or a gallery) with a flatlay and a picture to introduce myself and my blog.


WHO AM I? If you saw Mondays post, you’ll know I’m a finalist in #theblograce ran by @tapeparade & @vixmeldrew. The first challenge is to introduce myself so HELLO 👋🏼 A BIG part of my blog, and me, which I’m probably most proudest of is my health. I blog about life with a chronic illness, IBD and an ostomy. The reason I do this is to try and show that whilst this life can be tough, you can still do great things and it can give you your life back. So that’s why I blog about everything – from beauty to fashion to travel to books to just life. To show that yes, my health impacts all of my life but I can also do some really cool stuff because and despite of my Stoma ❤️ – so, now I’ve introduced me and my blog, I’d love to know more about you! – • • • #ostomy#stoma#chronicillness#baglife#colostomy#ileostomy#ibd#spoonie#flatlay#flatlayforever#flatlaythenation#flatlayoftheday#flatlays#lbloggers#thatsdarling#photosinbetween#thehappynow#seekthesimplicity#pursuepretty#flashesofdelight #petitejoys#morningslikethese#livecolourfully#nothingisordinary#prettylittlething#slowlived#postitfortheaesthetic#lovelysquares#alifeofintention

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Keep an eye out on my social media to see and hear more about The Blog Race & see the other amazing finalists!
Katie May ❤️