How To Survive Fresher’s Week

How To Survive Fresher's Week

So you’ve got into university so the next thing to think about, Freshers Week. In case you have no clue what freshers week is, it’s the first week (often fortnight) of university where there’s lots of events going on, some ran by the university and some not, which help you get to know the place where you’re at and meet lots of new people! So here are some tips to make the most of your freshers week!

1. Get Involved – this sounds quite obvious but get involved in the events going on around your university and get chatting to people. I know, it’s easier said than done, but once you get over your initial nerves you’ll have a great time! If you want to know what’s going on before you go, head to your union’s website where they’ll most likely have a run down on the events going on in the day time and night and join your uni’s freshers Facebook groups, course and accommodation groups, this is how I found out a lot of things and I was chatting to people before I got to uni so it was a little less daunting. It also meant I had people to walk to uni with on the first day and figure out where the hell we were meant to be going!

2. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone – nearly everyone else is in the same boat! Chances are there will be some events you want to go to which your new flatmates/friends might not want to. This happened to me, I was desperate to go to see Scouting For Girls  but some of my flatmates didn’t want to go and one of them was ill. I ended up going with three girls I didn’t know who were in the same accommodation block as me and I actually had a great night!

3. Be Yourself  – it’s very easy to want to “reinvent” yourself when you get to uni because it’s like a fresh slate but don’t go OTT. Stay true to yourself and you’ll find friends who actually like you for you. If you’re not been yourself, it’s likely people are going to start seeing through your BS and it could all get a bit messy.

4. Go to the fresher’s fair – ah, freshers fair. You will get all the freebies here and lots of student discounts so it’s well worth going.  I actually got a free Crunchy Nut cereal bowl last year which was really handy and I still use now! You can get information on different clubs and restaurants (and often get discounts to these places) as well as local gyms and public transport. There’s also all the sports teams and societies where you can find out what they do and put your name down to join.

5. Sign up to societies  – This is definitely something I wish I’d done more off and every year I tell myself to join and actually go. I think the latter part of that is the hardest thing. I joined dance society, the law society, Time to change and the photography society. However, I only did dance society first year because of been ill and everything and I only went to the classes and not on the nights out but that worked for me and I met quite a few people through it!

6. Do things with your flatmates – other than going on nights out. To this day, some of my best nights have been when we’ve stayed in or gone for ice cream or food or the cinema. You’ll get to know your flatmates so much better than going on nights out too! I remember in freshers week me and two of my flatmates went to the student lock in at the Arndale, went shopping and took advantage of the free all you can eat buffet and I think that day was when we really became friends. There was also the time we ordered dominos to the wrong dominos and had to go on a little expedition to try and find where we’d sent it too!

7. Get all the student discounts – it’s such a perk of been a student, discounts from all your favourite shops. Sign up to Unidays and get your NUS card (sometimes shops will only accept NUS so it’s worth getting!) and enjoy 3+ years of student discount, including that 10% off Topshop even in the sale and that half price Spotify!

8. Find the free dominos  – if you have a Dominos near your campus (which is almost certain!) it is likely they’ll be at your Freshers Fair giving free slices with lots of coupons including get a £1.00 pizza that day. Yeah, it’s only the personal size, but it’s still cheap pizza and it’s so good!

9. Have a freshers week budget  – this budget will be a lot more than you normal budget but you will spend more money in those first week or so on going out, buying things for your new room, getting stationary supplies and the big one, textbooks. I know people say don’t buy them, get them from the library or second hand but for me I had to use them all the time for the weekly prep I have to do and it was a new edition so yeah, I forked out just over £100 for my first year text books (and again second year!) but I do think it’s course dependant so you judge it for yourself! Also, take advantage of the uni book store which often does discounts and packs of textbooks you’ll need for your course which do work out cheaper (just!)

10. It’s okay not to drink – It’s easy to think that Fresher’s is all about nights out and drinking but it isn’t just that! Find events and societies which do more than just go on nights out and you’ll find people who also don’t want to drink and you can go do other cool fun stuff! I was really lucky and my flatmates totally got me not drinking and we do other stuff and sometimes I’ll go out with them and just not drink. Like I said before, you do you and you’ll find likeminded people!

So there are just some of my tips for surviving freshers week. Let me know in the comments below any of your tips!