How to Survive a Night Flight

We’ve all been there, save some money by getting that 4am flight home. You tell yourself that it’ll be okay but as the holiday comes closer, you suddenly start regretting that decision especially when you realise that you have to be out of you’re hotel room by 12pm. If you have one of these flights coming up, or are thinking about choosing the night flight option, here are some of my tips to make it a little more bearable!

  • Bring a neck pillow/cushion & blanket that way you might be able to get a bit of sleep if you can get as comfy as you can on a plane and it’ll also keep you warm incase the plane’s a bit cold!
  • See if you’re hotel has late check out this is an absolute godsend if you can get it. When I was in Lindos, we managed to get late checkout at 7pm rather than 12pm which meant we could have a shower and be able to chill and have longer to pack. It was so helpful!
  • Have a chill day that way you won’t be as tired like you would if you’d done a full on sightseeing day. If you’re in a hot country, chill by the pool or on the beach, read your book and maybe even sneak in a cheeky siesta! 
  • Drink all the coffee I don’t normally drink caffeine however I did have two esspresso’s coming back from Lindos just to power on through the night till I got on the plane where I got a peppermint tea to help me drift off. 
  • Wear comfy clothes I suggest leggings and a long top or maybe even joggers. Yeah, you might not look your best in them but at 4am no one really cares and it’s so much comfier than having your jean buttons digging into you
  • Ditch the make up I do this for nearly all flights now but definitely for these night flights. When I’m tired, I rub my eyes, so the last thing you want to do is smudge your eyeliner and mascara!
So there are some of my tips to make your night flight a little more bearable. They’re not the nicest of things but they really do bring the price of your holiday down and are worth it! Leave your tips for night flights in the comments below!