Hey there bud!

So the blog’s been pretty quiet this past week but I have a good reason. Girls only gone and graduated!

Last Tuesday, I headed down to Manchester with my mum and dad, grandad and met my sister in law and niece and nephew. I got robed up, chatted with friends and had so many pictures taken before heading to the Bridgwater Hall for the main event.

I found it all to be such a surreal experience. Three years of uni had led to this day and I was really surprised to find myself feeling so nervous. What surprised me even more (and comforted me too!) was that so many of my friends and people I spoke to felt the exact same. There was such a buzz in the room; excitement, nerves and pride filled the room.

There were many (many) moments during my degree that I thought this day would never come, let alone that I’d be rocking up and graduating with a first! It just shows that carrying on and trying your best does sometimes work out okay!

After the graduation ceremony, I headed to Albert Square with my family for drinks before going for dinner at Don Giovanni which was honestly one of the nicest meals I’ve had in a long time. Loads of restaurants had graduation specials and ours included free prosecco with each meal which is always a good shout!

I knew graduation was going to be good, but I hadn’t realised just how good it would be. What made it even more special was having my family and friends there too. After my graduation meal, I headed to my old flat where my three best friends were before having more drinks and an unplanned night out!

Never give up on your dreams because anything is possible if you work hard enough.

Katie May ❤️