Going to See the Dietitian

Yummy Carbonara Pizza from Pizza Express; my current pizza fave! 

So yesterday I went to see the dietitian for the first time. I got referred the last time I was at the hospital as I had lost some weight and they thought it might be useful for me to know what foods to eat to help me gain weight.

So when I got there, it turned out I’d finally managed to put some weight on and I’m now kind of at a weight the consultants are going to be happy with (and I’m definitely happy with it seeing as my BMI is in the normal range!). It was actually really interesting going though as we went through normal things I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well as drinks where I did have to admit that I rarely eat fruit because I hate it but then I was told as long as eat my veg it’s okay (though I am going to try and eat some more bananas as I can tolerate them).

So some things I learnt at the dietitian;

So there’s some things I learnt from going to the dietitian. I found it really useful, plus my dietitian is a specialist in IBD and Stomas so she knew things which could specifically help with thickening up, not causing flares etc. I really wish that I’d been referred when I was diagnosed as I think I might have been able to manage my colitis a bit better if I’d had more information readily available so it might be worth asking your consultant/IBD nurse if you could be referred! 
I hope you found this post useful and let me know in the comments below any IBD/Ostomy food tips you have!


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