In case you’ve been completely oblivious to social media and basically life, autumn is here! Autumn is probably my favourite time of year. It’s so cosy and I loved all things associated with it; pumpkin spiced lattes, candles and autumn walks to name a few. However one of my absolute favourite things about autumn is that feeling of a fresh start and having the opportunity to start new things.

This isn’t a feeling which I get with spring, summer or winter. As soon as autumn comes though, I’m ready to have a clear out and get everything back in order. I think it’s been conditioned in me from 17 years of education and starting a new year at school. I always feel like I’m more likely to stick at what I start in autumn rather than my new years resolutions. Part of that, I think, is that there’s less pressure to achieve and make so many changes to your life.

One thing I’m big on starting this autumn is adding more mindfulness and self care to my life to help my mental health. As the winter nights are drawing in, more and more of us are likely to see and impact on our moods because of SAD. I have definitely feel the effects of SAD in the past and I’m really hoping that some of the things I’m implementing are going to help.

things I’m starting this autumn 

1. the 30 day self care challenge

If you watched my August favourites, you’ll see that I’m loving the new mindfulness magazine, In The Moment. One of the pieces in this months issue is the 30 day self care challenge which encourages you to take 10 minutes or so out of your day to take some time for yourself. I use this time to complete the task and have a notebook dedicated to mindfulness. It’s kind of like mindfulness journal. I really like this time I’m creating and it’s definitely helping me with my anxiety and just breathing a little bit.

2. guided meditation

This is kind of linked to the 30 day self care plan is guided meditation. The calm app is one of my favourite things on my phone and most evenings I listen to the sleep stories on there which have really improved my sleeping patterns. On the app they have so many different types of guided and unguided meditation so I’m slowly working my way through some – at the moment I’m doing the college mindfulness 101 to help me get ready for starting university.

3. taking time away from the screen

Our lives are so dictated by screens and social media. I’m the worst for being glued to my phone or mac book and something I’m trying to do more so is taking time away from the screen. One thing I’m doing is before bed reading a book rather than watching another episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and I feel like it does make me sleep better.

4. starting the gym

What a stereotypical thing to put on a post like this. However, I’ve just bought a student gym membership, got some new gym gear and started going. As the cold winter nights are drawing in, it’s harder to get out as much in the fresh air and go for walks. When I used to go to the gym, I saw that I had such a good affect on my mental health. I’m hoping that getting back in the gym is not going to just improve my physical health but my mental health too.

This post is my entry for #TheBlogRace so thanks to Vix & Laila!
What are your favourite things about autumn? Do you love the feeling of a fresh start?
Katie May ❤️

  • Jordan

    I suffer from SAD too and these are all great things to be doing!

    Jordan xx

  • Carol Mayston

    Such great ideas Katie, and a lovely way to start to think about Autumn. The whole mental health thing has come home to me in the last few weeks, with someone I work with suffering. Alison is also promoting this in the Craft Loft as the benefits of art and craft helps to relief the Syptoms . I have started running and now that the weather has changed is amazing to get out in the fresh air. Looking forward to more posts and your progress .

  • Loving the things you wish to implement in autumn, reading before bed and hitting the gym regularly are also on my list. I need to rebalance my physical and mental health. Great post dear!

    Tx. // http://www.musicgeekonline.co.uk

  • Lena Hogg

    You are a beautiful, clever caring young lady and whatever you want to achieve you will succeed.

  • Loved this post! I am definitely going to check out the ‘In the moment’ magazine. I hadn’t heard of it before but sounds right up my street. thanks for sharing x

  • Laura Hollier

    The 30 day self care challenge sounds really interesting x