Five Days on the Isle of Mull

Last week I went with my family to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, a little island of the coast in Scotland. I haven’t been here in about 10 years and I was so excited to go back and explore the island a bit. It’s the first time we’ve been out of season and even though we had a few wet days, we also had some beautiful sunny days and whilst there was quite a lot of things closed, there was still plenty of things for us to see and do!

On our way to Oben to get the ferry, we stopped off at this really cute little artisan cafe in a converted church. We had a little tea break here and me and Arthur posed for some autumnal themed photos because that’s what we do! I had the most gorgeous soup whilst we were here too – I’d love to go back and try their cake selection because it looked amazing!

We stayed in the town of Tobermory and yes, it may seem familiar to you, it’s where they filmed Balamory! I used to love coming here when I was little and going to all the different houses and whilst I didn’t do that this time, it was still nice to see all the coloured houses!

One day we went to Iona, a tiny island off right next to Mull and it turned out to be an absolute gorgeous day and the sea was so blue! It was a little rainy when we got to the ferry but it cleared up quickly and we got to see a fantastic rainbow, so it was a win win situation really! 

Arthur’s slowly getting used to going on boats but he wasn’t so sure about going on deck! He’s been so good this week – it’s her to believe a year ago he couldn’t go in the car for 10 minutes without being car sick and now he doesn’t have a problem! 

The views on Iona were absolutely breathtaking and it genuinely looked like a summers day, not the 1st November! Whilst there was hardly anything open on the island, it was definitely worth a visit and I’d love to go back there when things were open and spend some more time there. The views were so stunning!

Is it even a trip to Scotland if you don’t see a highland cow and take a picture?

We took a trip to Calgary Beach and it was Arthur’s first trip to the beach and he absolutely loved it. Whilst it was a very windy and cold day, it was such a good trip. We took some frisbees with us and he ran and ran!

As you can see, he’s absolutely loving life in that photo – he ended up being covered in sand from rolling about. However, he wasn’t so keen on the sea and we had to stop him drinking it! 

We stopped off at the Calgary Arts Farm for a cup of tea and slice of cake and there was some lovely pieces of art in there too!

One of my favourite places to go in Tobermory was the chocolate shop where I experienced the Death by drinking chocolate hot chocolate which was one of the most amazing drinks I’ve ever had! 

The last day of our holiday, we had a little walk around Tobermory and I had a little shop in  the Isle of Mull Soap Co and picked up a few amazing smelling candles. There was also the distillery however we didn’t get round to going in but we’ve been before so it wasn’t too bad! 

That was my little trip to Mull! Let me know in the comments below where you want to travel to next 🙂 


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