Dressing for your Stoma #1

I think one of my biggest worries before surgery, and something I still feel self conscious about now, is what to wear so you feel comfortable with your stoma. One of the questions I actually asked my stoma nurses pre surgery was about clothing and what I would be able to wear. For me, I still struggle wearing my super skinny jeans because I don’t like tight things on my stoma, I’m scared of squishing it and stopping it from doing its thang! (side note, I don’t think it actually does that it’s just one of my weird, irrational fears). When I got home, one of the things I searched most was what to wear which is why I’m going to do a series of posts on what I like to wear to feel comfortable yet (hopefully) stylish as a lot of things out there are actually geared to older people!

Okay so on with the outfit. I opted for these cord leggings from Tu clothing @ Sainsbury’s . I really like these as they sit above my stoma so the waist band isn’t on it but they’re tight enough to offer some support. Plus they’re super comfy!

I then wore a long striped shirt from miss selfridge (I couldn’t find it online but I found it in the sale!) which I really like as it’s long enough to cover the whole bag so if I have a dreaded bag blow up (which, touch wood, hasn’t happened in public since getting to uni) it’s covered until I can go and sort it out.

I then got this number from Primark. Again, it’s long enough to cover the bag but it’s also nice and baggy and just snuggle worthy! I love it so much!

And finally shoes. I suffer from really bad joint pains so I try and do anything to protect them and ease them as much as possible. Because of this, I adore Skechers memory foam trainers and shoes and I constantly wear the Skechers boat shoes because they’re really comfy and they do support my joints a bit!

So there you have it! My first outfit post. I hope you like it and let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the outfit too