How to deal with your stoma in hot weather

Last week in the UK it was HOT like proper 30 degree summer holiday weather. Being a complete sun baby, I absolutely loved it but when it’s really hot, it can cause issues with your stoma. From dehydration to bags not sticking, the heat can really impact people with stomas and IBD in fact Jen from A Balanced Belly did this fantastic post on how the weather affects IBD.

In Sunday’s youtube video (yes, I started YouTube again) I talked specifically about stomas in the heat. It covered issues which may arise and how I’ve dealt with them which will hopefully help you in future heatwaves and if you’re going on holiday.

Quick guide to stomas & hot weather

  1. Keep well hydrated
    If you’re struggling, try having a lucazade and pack of crisps or use rehydration sachets
  2. Be wary of drinking alcohol & caffeine
    Both of these can cause dehydration so either drink them to a minimum or cut them completely in the heat
  3. Keep stoma bags out of direct sunlight
    The sunlight can affect how the bags stick so its best to keep them out of constant direct sunlight as they may become unsticky!

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