Camel Rides, Volcano Trips & Wine Tasting

Whilst in Lanzarote, I got to go on a trip to Timanfaya National Park at the south of the island which features a lot of Volcanos. I am absolutely fascinated by volcanos and love learning about them; the excitement levels on the days leading up to the trip (and the whole holiday) were high! On the trip, we got to ride camels in the volcanic landscape, get to see some volcanic experiments and went to a winery for a little wine tasting. I had the absolute best time and thought I’d bring you along with me!

The first stop on the trip was camel rides. I wasn’t sure whether I’d actually do the camel ride until I got there and I’m so glad I took the opportunity! It was so cool being that high up and it was a thirty minute trip (turns out, they walk quite slowly!). 
There was a surreal moment when I was sitting waiting for the walk to start when I realised a year ago I was just coming out of hospital. Never in a million years would I have thought that a year on from ostomy surgery that I’d have been on a camel! 
Okay, so the camel behind us took me by surprise just as my dad took the photo – I wasn’t scared, honest! 
Camel-eye view
It was a really unique way to experience the volcanic landscape and I’d love to do it again some time. If you get the chance to go on a camel ride, take it because it is so cool!
We next went to the visitor centre on one of the volcanos where they actually cook food on it. We got to see some experiments too; in the one pictured above there was originally no fire and they created it by dropping some straw/hay/grass thing into a whole which goes deeper into the volcano. I don’t know what the proper terminology is, but that’s the general gist! 
My favourite experiment was this geyser which was really spectacular! The man just poured water into a hole in the volcano and whoosh! water fountain created. 
Whilst I didn’t get to go to the restaurant on the volcano, we did get to see where they cook the food. It was so hot in the spot they did it!
The final spot we went to on our trip was this little winery where we got to taste some of the wine and see the vines and how its made. It was a really cute little spot, which also had the cutest dog welcoming you on arrival! 
So, that’s my trip to the volcano! I had the most amazing time and really recommend it to anyone who’s planning on going to Lanzarote.