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I’m going to let you into a secret. I love Monday’s. Yep, you read that right. I love how they’re basically a fresh start each week. I love feeling motivated and ready to take on the day and week. Having a good Monday morning definitely sets the tone for the whole day and often week so I’m always determined to try and start the day positively.

Don’t get me wrong, some Monday’s I wake up wishing it was still the weekend and not wanting to get up but I think it’s so important to work through that. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to make Monday’s bearable.

My Monday Morning Survival Kit

Wake up early

This might sound scary but I find waking up a bit earlier is really helpful in making you feel awake. I know it sounds crazy but it does work! When I get up at 9am on a Monday, I feel sluggish and unproductive but when I wake up at 7am, I feel much more productive and I get more done.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Yes, it is totally acceptable to drink lots of coffee to wake you up on a Monday. My go to coffee is Farrer’s Decaffinated Coffee made in my CoffeeGator pour over coffee maker which makes the most delicious coffee IN THE WORLD. It really does make the coffee taste amazing, especially when you keep it in their coffee canisters which keep the coffee tasting fresh. But coffee is definitely an essential to a Monday.

Don’t forget breakfast

If you have a lot to do, it might seem convenient to skip breakfast but don’t do it! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having a nice tasty breakfast planned will not only  feed you and keep you going through the day but if you choose a good tasty breakfast, you have something to look forward to. Having something fun and tasty to look forward to will make you want to get up and ready for the day.

Make a to do list

I love having a to do list because it gives me a bit of structure to the day and just puts your thoughts into order. I sometimes do this on a Sunday night because you start the Monday fresh and ready to go. My big tip for to do lists (which is one you’ve probably read before) is to put a few easy ones at the front which you can tick off easily then you feel like you’ve been productive and can do it before you take on some of the bigger tasks.

Put on a podcast 

I’ve recently jumped on the podcast bandwagon and I LOVE THEM. A few weeks ago, this tip would’ve to put on some upbeat music but I’ve found podcasts to be so much better at waking me up and making me feel motivated. I think the reason for this is that they engage you which helps wake up the brain. I really like to go to GirlBoss blogging ones on a monday morning or TheAnnaEdit & Lily Pebbles new podcast which I am obsessed with.

Hopefully with these tips, you’re Monday mornings are going to be easier and more productive!

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