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I love homeware. I love any excuse to go out and buy homeware. Since we moved into our new student house the other week, it was the perfect opportunity to go out and buy lots of new things. I always love creating a new room and making it feel all homey. It’s so important to make your uni room feel like you and cosy and comfortable – it just makes dealing with moving from home easier. Also, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your room if you live in halls and don’t have a living room! The lovely people at TJ Hughes kindly sent me some stuff to kit out my new room and I absolutely love them and they’ve really made my room feel more cosy!

Tips for making your room more cosy

Cushions are a saving grace for making a room feel more cosy. It can also help really brighten up a boring student room. I’m lucky, this year I have a really nice room with bright red and white walls however normally, my student halls rooms have been quite dull. Having bright cushions and bedding really can make a room feel brighter and happier.

I love these chevron & letter cushions from TJ Hughes as they really tie the room together and even when I have white bedding on, they keep the colour scheme of my room! I was a bit worried about how the red tartan duvet cover would look with the red wall however I’m really happy with how it looks. It feels so autumnal, especially when I have my fairy lights and candles on!

Fairy lights are a must when you’re at university. Let me tell you now, the lighting in halls is pretty dire so they’re a nice alternative! They also help make a really cosy and homey feel to a room. I feel like I’d be lost without them as they’ve been an essential for the past three years and have even made it to the new house! The fairy lights I have round my bed are from B&M and I love how they’re little light bulbs.

Make your room smell nice. Candles, reed diffusers and room sprays are my absolute essentials. My two favourite candles at the moment are the sea salt and lavender candle from Primark and the Pomegranate Noir from Aldi. They smell absolutely gorgeous! I’m also really loving the sweet pea Yankee Candle reed diffuser from TJ Hughes. It’s such a refreshing smell without being too overpowering!

So there’s some of my new home things for university
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Katie May ❤️