April Ostomy Outfit of the Month

This months outfit is a summery one as I’m currently in Lanzarote (there will be more posts on that later). It’s been a nice change to be out of layers and actually able to wear shorts!

The top is from Primark and I really love it! It’s nice and loose for when it’s hot (there’s nothing worse that tight clothes when it’s warm) and I just love the cut of it and the design of it – how it’s denim colour on top and then the white at the bottom. It’s quite lightweight and soft and just feels really comfortable on. I was actually really impressed with primarks summer range; there’s so many shirts I wanted it was hard to pick just a few to buy!

The shorts I got are from primark too and fit really nicely. They aren’t too tight on my Stoma and actually the waist band comes above my whole bag. I managed to get two pairs of shorts at primark; the other pair are denim boyfriend ones which are sort of high waisted but really comfortable. My tip for buying shorts, and any bottoms really, is just go and try loads of styles and cuts and see what you feel comfy in.

Finally my shoes! These are one of my trusty pair of Skechers and are in a deck shoe style. Anyone who knows me knows I rave about Skechers and I’m always wearing them. It’s because they’re so comfy, mainly because of their memory foam insoles. I’ve got about 5 different pairs now and all of them are so comfy and get worn all the time. Because my joints are always aching, I find that these help reduce the pain slightly and stop my joints from jarring because they’re cushioned. If you have any type of joint pain, or just live having comfy shoes, get yourself a pair! As I’m writing this, I’m currently wearing a pair of their trainers (I think they’re the air burst ones…they’re the ones which Demi Lovato models) which are perfect for walking in!

So that’s this months outfit! Let me know in the comments what you think of it and what your summer go to outfits are.