A Weekend in Newcastle

Last weekend I headed up to Newcastle on the Mega Bus to go and see one of my best friends, Bethany, at uni. One of my new years resolutions is to go and see friends and family more and I had such a good weekend up there and we had so much fun; it was a weekend full of cat cafes, Bill Murray’s face and pizza…lots and lots of pizza!

So yeah, I went on the mega bus for the first time ever. It was a four hour journey but it was only £14 return whereas if I’d gone on the train it was £40 so it was obvious which I was going to choose! And I was actually quite surprised that it wasn’t too bad and I read a good book on the way there and back!

So Bethany met me from the bus and we ordered Pizza Hut seeing as she lives next door but no joke we ordered way to much food and it actually lasted us tea on Friday and Saturday night!

So, onto some of the things we did in Newcastle. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you’ll have seen that I went to one of the most amazing places that is Mog on the Tyne which is a cat cafe.

This was the cutest place ever! You pay £5 to get in (which covers the cost of the cats i.e. vets bills food etc) and then you can buy some drinks and food whilst you play with the cats and give them treats. It’s just so cute!!
Catpawchino and hot chocolate anyone?? 
Sleepy kitty cats
Play time in the tunnels; but which way to go
Action shot! 
There was a cool walkway attached to the ceiling which they loved sitting on
This lil guy was next to our table and was so adorable

After the cat cafe, we made our way down the Quayside and headed to the Baltic art museum where there was the most bizarre exhibition which featured lots of building sculptures (a lot of them were like dollhouses) which had Bill Murrays face on them quite big. It was really odd and we didn’t really get it but it was quite cool.

There was some other really cool exhibitions so if you’re in Newcastle you should definitely check it out! The gift shop is also pretty fab there and we spent a good half hour, if not longer, just browsing! At the top of the baltic theres a great viewing deck where you can get a great view of the seven bridges
We then just wandered around the shops and then stayed in watching saturday night telly. The next day we went to this awesome cafe/restaurant/food place called the Butterfly Cabinet where we had a wicked brunch. I had a full english breakfast and Bethany had Banana pancakes which looked really good too!

So that was my weekend! I had such a good time and a big thanks to Bethany for letting me stay. Let me know in he comments below what your favourite things to do in Newcastle are and what you think of the Cat Cafe and also Bethnay has just started a blog which you can go check out at www.behamer.co.uk 🙂