A Look Through My Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals are the big thing and I started mine the other week and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, it’s a kind or organisational way of life full of to do lists, tasks, notes and anything else you want to stick in there. If you want to know more about them, and how to set your own up, head over to the Bullet Journal website because it explains to whole process a lot better than I can!
I thought I’d do a quick run through my own bullet journal, mainly because I love reading these posts so much (probably because I’m so nosey!). FYI some of these pages are a bit rubbish because I just wanted to get started and it’s a learning process!

First, let’s start with the notebook. I picked the LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook  with dotted pages. This is a really popular choice of notebook as they’re a good size and quality and the numbers are paged (which is an essential part to the bullet journal system!). I’ve also been using the STABILE fine liners which have always been a favourite of mine, especially for revision!

So the first page is the future log which is basically the contents page for your whole journal. I really like having this as you can find what you need faster and it just has a much  more organised feel about it.

Then I have my key for the whole journal. This is the integral part of the system and is what makes it so great in my opinion. I think it’s pretty self explanatory what is what (if not, let me know and I’ll be happy to explain!). The one I’ve probably used the least is the important one…I think it’s because I know in my head what things are more important than others.

This is my future log which is a kind of overview of the months. I’ve only put events in really or things I want to achieve/start in a particular month. I definitely think in the future I’ll just do a three month at a time view though because you can see I’ve not put anything in further the July!

I took the idea for my monthly planner from Boho Berry (AKA the queen of bullet journaling) and I prefer this to the one on the bullet journal website because you can plan your days better and have a better overlook at what’s going on that month. I like my little monthly to do list too as when I have some free time I have a go to of things to do and it also is a place to brain splurge all the things I need to do which I can organise better in my weekly planners.

Speaking of weekly planners, here are mine from the last two weeks. I’ve been using post it notes to either organise my day or just get more clarity on what I want from certain tasks (aka my packing list!) . I just love these pages as I’ve found myself so much more organised and on it!

I also added some other, non essential things to my bullet journal to keep me more organised. I’m hoping that this journal is going to help me be more creative again so I’m going to keep adding drawings and typography too!

My “To Be Read” page because I’m always looking for more books to read (leave your recommendations in the comments below!) and once I’ve finished a book I never know what to read next.

Another thing is my blog post ideas page because you never know when inspiration will hit! I have another notebook purely for blogging but I have my bullet journal with me more so it’s good to have a page which I can fill with ideas when inspiration hits!

The last two things in my journal are two which are quite popular in the journalling community (yes, there is a whole community out there of journalers!) and they are the Gratitude Log and the Habit Tracker. Personally, I’ve hardly used my gratitude log…it just didn’t feel very me. However, I love my habit tracker and keep thinking of things to add! In fact, it’s grown since I took this photo!

So that’s my bullet journal! Let me know in the comments below what things you have in your bullet journal because I’m always looking for new things to add.