A Little Life Update

Looks like it might be coming home lads!

Hello, hello, hello! I thought I’d do a little catch up post (currently being written whilst watching the world cup and OMG WE’RE ACTUALLY WINNING). I’ve been a little MIA recently, for a few reasons, but normal service will be resumed and I’m so excited for what I’ve got planned!!

I was nominated for a Northern Blog Award!!

I am absolutely delighted to say that I’ve been nominated for a Northern Blog Award in the chronic illness category. It means the absolute world that some of you lovely guys have put me forward for this and I was so overwhelmed. Voting is open til the end of July and it would be amazing if you could vote for me!!

A few trips

So the main reason I’ve been MIA is because I’ve been on quite a few trips recently. I’m not one to let having major surgery get in the way and since I’ve been feeling a little better, I’ve been on a few trips around the UK. I spent two days in London which was so much fun (post coming next week!), I had a week in Scotland which was glorious (again, post coming next week!). Then there was  a day trip to Leeds to catch up with one of my friends and a quick trip to Glasgow for a job interview. I still haven’t heard back from the job interview so I have all my fingers crossed because it’s legit my dream job.  It’s been so much fun to get my independence. However, it does mean that I spend days being tired after hence why I’ve been a bit quiet.

My twitter account was deleted

So this happened on Monday and I could have cried. Twitter have locked my account (so it doesn’t exist at the moment) because they found out I created my account when I was 12, not 13. I was absolutely heartbroken because I’d had the account for 9 years and had a relatively good following. I’d really appreciate it if you could go give my new account a follow whilst I try my best to get my old one back! You can follow me @KTMYuk ❤️

OMG we actually have healing wounds

I’ve had an absolute nightmare with my surgical wounds. All of them, bar one, opened up again and I ended up in the walk in centre at the hospital when I had a really bad reaction to some of the plasters. However, yesterday I went to the doctors AND ALL THE WOUNDS ARE HEALED!!! This means that I’ve finally been able to have a shower (which in this heatwave is a blessing).

Blog coaching with Vix

I’ve started some coaching with Vix and one week in I’m feeling so motivated!! I’ve got some great things coming up for you guys which I cannot wait to share with you including launching a new weekly newsletter which you can already sign up to here!

Katie x


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