A Little Health Update

Over the past two weeks or so I haven’t been so great. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen a post where I explained a bit more about why I’ve been MIA on the blog but I thought it kind of deserved it’s own blog post.

My colitis has flared up.

For the first time since having my operation, my colitis has flared up badly and left me feeling a little bit like I did two years ago.

I still have a bit of my large bowl left and it’s been bleeding badly and giving me quite a bit of pain around the mucus fiscula (which is where they’ve bought the bowl to he surface so it won’t make me really ill).

Since it started flaring badly, I’ve felt really bad not just physical health wise but also mentally; I haven’t been properly ill like this for about a year and a half coming on two years and I’d totally forgotten what it was like and how draining it could be. I spent a day ringing all sorts of people just to try and sort out medication and getting a blood test to see what my iron levels are like and it absolutely knackered me.

Suddenly I was back to having “tummy ache”, feeling drained and going to bed at 9.30pm and still been tired when I wake up in the morning.

What really got me down though was the fact I’ve had to start some of my medication again, steroids to be precise. I hated been on them because I would struggle with some of the side effects (most notably the steroid moon face, constant hunger and depression) but I’m hoping that because I’m only taking a short course and they’re not tablets (I’m using suppositories to target the inflammation better) the side effects may not happen!

So there’s a little health update for you all and a bit behind why the blog has been quiet lately. I’m hoping the steroids will kick in in the next few days and I’ll start feeling a bit better. In the mean time, I’ve started micro-blogging on instagram so head over there for daily updates!