A Little Health Update…

I feel like it’s been ages since I sat and wrote a chatty post and these are the types of posts I love reading/writing the most. I thought seeing as I hadn’t updated you all on the whole stoma/IBD situation I’d catch you all up a bit.

Last week I had an appointment at the hospital with one of the Gastro team just to check how I;m doing and get my bloods done and stuff. As I’d had a blood test a few weeks earlier, I thought I’d ask how my iron levels were doing as I’ve really been struggling with tiredness and breathlessness and when I was at the gym the other week I’d got the high heart rate warning. Turns out I’m super anaemic against likely due to a combination of not absorbing iron and loosing it through my mucus fiscula because it still has active colitis in it. However they are checking for pernicious anaemia as it does run in my family.

Because I react badly to iron tablets (they make me sick and I don’t always absorb them) I’m getting an iron infusion so I’m currently in the process of chasing up people to make sure I get it ASAP. Why is it always such a pain to get in touch with the right people at hospitals and actually get what you need?? I have to say though, my consultant I saw this time was actually really good though and listened and helped.

We also had a brief discussion about what surgery I wanted to do next; reversal or make my ileostomy permanent. I want to keep my ileostomy for various reasons (I think I’m going to do a post on it soon actually!) however every time I mention this to a doctor or nurse they all think I’m a bit mad for not wanting to at least try for a reversal because I’m so young. Little do they know how stubborn I am and once I’ve made my mind up, I’m unlikely to change it!

When I was at the hospital I mentioned how I was still getting bad joint pains but no one seems to bothered about that at the moment…I think the plan is to get my anaemia under control first!

In good news, I’ve managed to put weight on and I’m now at a healthy weight! Now I’ve just got to make sure I don’t put too much weight on now as I’ve got used to eating puddings and cakes guilt free and having bigger dinner portions!!