A Day in Liverpool

So two weeks ago I headed to Liverpool with one of my friends for a day of shopping and exploring the city. Considering Liverpool isn’t that far from where I live, and my dads from very near there, I’d never actually been their before (unless you count going to the airport) so I was really excited to have a look around. After having a browse in Primark for a jumper (I had very much underestimated quite how cold it was that day!) and going to Gourmet  Burger for a delicious lunch (which I forgot to instagram because I was too hungry!) we headed to the Tate Modern Art Gallery.

I was absolutely obsessed with the windows there and couldn’t stop taking photos through them. Some of them were tinted so it seemed a lot darker inside than it actually was (which was a talking point for quite a few people)
This is the only picture I took of an Art piece as I don’t really like taking pictures in Art Galleries…it seems kind of wrong and they’re definitely something you need to see in person rather than through an instagram filter! We went to the free exhibitions but the Jackson Pollock one is still on for another week, I think. I would’ve loved to have seen it but we a) didn’t have the time and b) couldn’t afford to do both that and The Beatles story which is something I really wanted to go and see. The free bit of the gallery is amazing though and there’s a real range of pieces from quite old and traditional to the very modern and out there…something for everyone! 
We then headed to The Beatles Story which I was so excited for. I’ve grown up listening to The Beatles and I’ve always been a fan (lets be honest though, who isn’t) and I was blown away at how amazing the whole museum was (cue lots of pictures)

I think I did quite well at resisting to bombard you with 100s of pictures there! The level of detail was truly amazing and the last bit of the tour with the white piano and Imagine playing was breathtaking and actually quite emotional (even though I am not an emotional person in any way like that!). 
So there’s a little bit of my day at Liverpool. If you have any must see places there, leave a comment below so I can go and explore the city some more!