#7daysofIBD | Booked in to see the dietitian

I love food. I always have and I always will. The only problem is that food doesn’t always like me. For the past two and a half years I’ve lost weight from UC, gained weight from steroids, lost it again and now I’m slowly trying to gain the weight again.

I think a noticeable symptom of IBD is the weight loss; months before I was diagnosed my dance teacher actually asked if I was okay because she could notice that I’d lost that much weight. There’s also the noticeable weight gain if you have prednisolone (or any steroid) and you get the munchies and the dreaded moon face. I would insert a picture of my said moon face however I still shudder slightly at some of the photos where I have a massive head but hardly any meat on me (prom photos, I’m looking at you!).

After a bad flare of over a month and two weeks in hospital, when I did finally come out I had lost so much weight (and a lot of muscle) and I was actually really freaked out at how thin my arms and legs were. Slowly but surely I’ve been putting the weight back on and thought nothing of it really, I like to think I’m looking a lot more healthy now, however last time I was at the hospital being weighed, I’d started to loose some weight again so I have finally been referred to the dietitian to have a look at my diet and try and gain some weight from it.

My first appointment is in two weeks so once I’ve been, I’ll fill you in on what happened!

If you want more information, head over to the Crohn’s and Colitis charity website, go and have a search of the #7daysofIBD and read about other peoples lives with IBD and get involved yourself in the hashtag and finally, donate to the charity by texting DAYS22 £3 to 70070.

Side note, sorry for not posting yesterday (hence why two posts today). My house has been very badly flooded with Storm Desmond so I was busy trying to get in touch with family and didn’t have time to write the post as in the day I was at a blogging event (more on that later) but my family are safe now 🙂