5 ways to keep hydrated


Something which I have really been struggling with recently is keeping well hydrated. When it’s summer, I’m totally fine and can keep on top of it but for some reason I really struggle in the colder months because, lets be honest, when it’s -1 outside you don’t want to be drinking a tonne of cold water.

Keeping well hydrated when you have a stoma, especially when  is so important because you don’t absorb as much water so it is recommended that you drink about 10 glasses of water a day. However, if you are feeling dehydrated or drinking a lot of water, you have to make sure you have enough salt in your diet too to stay hydrated.


Here are 5 tips to help you stop getting hydrated…

  1. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere so you always have something to drink with you. My current favourite at the moment is this CORKCIRCLE canteen which keeps your drinks ice cold (you can actually put ice cubes in!!) for up to 25 hours and warm for 12 which is so handy because I hate it when my water goes warm and I can put my tea in it when I get the train and have a nice warm cuppa! It is also vacuum sealed which means that you don’t have to worry about it leaking in your bag (which is a constant fear I have) and its lead and BPA free so there’s no harmful toxins going into your drink!
  2. Add fruit to your water if you’re getting fed up with the taste of water. One of my big things is that I’ve been getting really bored of drinking water when it’s cold so I’ve started drinking fruit infused water. My go to is lemon water which has lots of health benefits as well as tasting really nice. Strawberries are another really good fruit to try it with which gives it a really refreshing taste!
  3. Drink a Lucozade Sport and have a packet of crisps if you’re feeling really dehydrated.  I do this a lot if I’ve been to the gym or done some exercise or if I can’t seem to quench my thirst because it balances out your salts really well (as well as being a great excuse to eat crisps!)
  4. Switch to decaffeinated drinks. I switched to decaf about four years ago as it used to make my IBD flare and I’ve kept off the caffeine as it can really dehydrate you. I’m trying to cut down on how much coca cola I drink too because when I’ve been drinking it, I’ve been feeling super dehydrated and pretty shit
  5. Try drinking rehydration sachets they may taste bad but they don’t half work! I get Boot’s own and they work an absolute dream. I always have them if I’ve been drinking alcohol and take them on holiday with me too as they’re super easy to put in your suitcase
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Let me know in the comments how you stay hydrated!

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