5 things this week (#9)

We’re on the official countdown to christmas and boy is it starting to feel super festive. December is by far my favourite month of the year and starting your day with a little piece of advent calendar chocolate is pretty great. I’ve got so much planned this month, including going to see Hamilton (eek!!!), and I cannot wait to get to drink Bailey’s hot chocolates, catch up with friends and family and eat my body weight in chocolate and pigs in blankets.

Redesigning my blog & getting my mojo back

I’ve been out of the blogging game for what feels like forever. However, earlier this week I found Kotryna’s blog and design website and I had a bit of an overhaul of my blog and read a load of posts on blogging and I feel so motivated and ready to take on the blogosphere again. Having a bit of a spruce up of the blog (and I’m getting onto social media too) and finding a new instagram theme has given me such a boost of creativity and I’m slowly getting out of my bloggers block.

Having a festive film day

I started the week in a pretty great way; I sat on the sofa, did some work and watched about 4 christmas films. It was pretty blooming great (which would have been a bit better had I not had to do work!).  I love having productive days and I actually managed to get a lot of work done; both uni and blogging. I wrote a little post about my fave christmas films, which includes what I watched that day.

Discovering new coffee places

I love coffee. I love coffee shops. Last week I found two new coffee shops with some friends from work; Grindsmith’s and Chapter One Books. Both are quite different but had such great vibes. I’m going to be featuring both in my new series, Coffee Shop Talk because they’re both super cute and instagrammable and places where I’m going to be spending a lot of time.

Crisp winter mornings

It seems that as soon as December hit, so has the crisp winter air, frosty mornings and seeing your breath. Not gonna lie, I absolutely love it. I’ve been wrapping up in knitwear, scarfs and super fluffy coats and feeling very wintery. I love these crisp winter mornings, not only do they make me feel cosy when you’re wrapped up, they also make me feel super festive.

Cute local Christmas markets

I got on the first train home to Cumbria today and then headed to a local christmas market. It was a super cute little local market with a real festive spirit. I was feeling festive before but after a morning at the christmas markets and then picking the Christmas tree, I’m in full on Christmas mode. I’m going to do a post/photo diary next week for you guys to show you just how cute the market was!!


How’s your week been?