5 things this week (#7)

Wow! It’s been a while since I wrote one of these. I’m so happy that I’ve got my blogging (and general life) mojo back and feeling super productive again. It’s been a while since I’ve spent a Sunday afternoon sitting and blogging and I’m very happy about it. I loved writing this weekly post because it allows me to reflect back on the week I’ve had and where I’m at headspace wise so I’m determined to stick at this even more.

1. Feeling productive again

My mental health is feeling so much better this week and I’ve over the moon about it. I feel productive and motivated again, I actually want to blog and do uni work again. I’m actually wanting to do things again. I feel in a much better headspace and it’s safe to say thats the top thing this week!

2. Children in Need

I love watching Children in Need and I found this years so moving. The stories shared moved me to tears a few times and it really highlights not only some of the issues people face but also some of the amazing people who selflessly help those in need.

3. Real life chocolate oranges

I made my kitchen smell super festive on Friday by making some real life chocolate oranges. It was a super simple recipe; oranges dipped in melted dark chocolate then put in the fridge for 15 minutes. Super super tasty and a slightly healthier alternative to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange (although I will definitely be demolishing a few of those too over the festive season!)

4. Carluccio’s Christmas Menu

My mum came to visit the other day and we headed to one of our favourite Italian chain restaurant for dinner where they had their new christmas menu. I had the most gorgeous antipasta and crab & lobster lasagne which was gorgeous.

5. Getting into the Christmas Spirit

I’m full on ready for christmas. It’s my favourite time of the year and this week I’ve had my Christmas playlist playing full blast all week. I already have one present bought and I have a list with others. On top of that, I’ve had my first selection box too and it feels bloody brilliant!

Katie May ❤️