5 things this week (#6)

I want to start this post by saying a massive thank you to everyone who commented and liked and sent me messages about World Ostomy Day! It means the world to me to get all those kind messages so THANK YOU!! I’ve been crazy hectic busy trying to get back into the swing of uni. I’ve had a lot of reading (and had to completely move my desk and room around) and just general trying to remember how to write notes after 5 months off.

1. Heart Shaped Scones

These heart shaped scones were so yummy and defiantly needed on a cold tuesday afternoon! Me and my housemates are so busy at the moment and it seems the only way to actually see each other is going for coffee and cake. I headed to the Manchester Museum with Bekki and we had a catch up over hot chocolates and it was so nice. I love getting to explore little cafes with my friends and trying lots of different drinks and cakes because who doesn’t love sweet treats!

2. Dodgems

I haven’t been on the dodgems for years so when I saw some with my friend Jane, we had to go on! Even though we only had 3 minutes on them it was honestly so fun. I don’t think I’ve laughed as much for a long time and I’ll definitely be heading back to them when I go to the Trafford Centre again.

3. Getting to see my dog

It’s been a whole month since I’ve been home which means it’s also been a month since I’ve my dog. I headed home this morning and it’s been so lovely to have puppy cuddles. I miss Arthur so much when I’m at uni and I love getting to come home and see him (and my parents too!)

4. Bullet Journal

I have a love hate relationship with bullet journals but recently I’ve found myself being drawn to watching bullet journal videos on youtube and a desire to start journalling again. So I’m getting back into my bullet journal and I’m feeling a lot more organised and creative already!

5. Exploring Didsbury

Even though I’ve lived in Manchester for over three years, I’m still to explore a lot of it properly. Last week I headed to Didsbury with my housemate Emma and we went for gelato and did a food shop and it was so nice to walk about. It’s such a lovely area and it really doesn’t feel like you’re in Manchester!

What have you been up to this week?
Katie May ❤️