Hey there everyone! How’s your week gone?

I know I’m a day late with the weekly post however I have good reason – I’ve been in London this weekend watching Proms in the Park and Radio 2’s Festival in a Day and just didn’t have time to write the post. So many exciting things have happened this week. Some which have been planned for a while and some which just landed in my inbox and made me do an excited squeal as soon as I saw the email.

1. Spending time with friends

My three housemates went on holiday so I was home alone for a week but I picked them up from the airport on Wednesday and it was so nice to get to see my girlies again. Whilst they were away I filled my time catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while and basically annoying anyone who was still in Manchester to keep me company! (I didn’t actually mind being on my own FYI, I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed my own company!). I came home for the weekend and on Friday got to catch up with one of my best friends who I’ve known since I was about 10. We hadn’t seen each other for a few months and it was so nice to spend the day together and just have a catch up.

2. Starting a new book

I’ve started to read yet another Mitch Albom book, the first phone call from heaven, and I absolutely LOVE it. I really enjoy Mitch’s writing style, it feels very familiar and is easy to read and is full of feeling. You really connect with the characters in the book which makes his books so enjoyable to read. I started reading this on the train to London and it’s such an interesting book. It starts with people receiving phone calls from loved one’s who have died and I cannot wait to see what happens.

3. My new red jacket

I bought this beaut red faux suede jacket from Zara as a transitional jacket for autumn which I can actually wear with blue jeans (is it just me who really struggles to find jackets to go with blue jeans?!?!). Autumn seems to have arrived overnight and I’m really feeling this autumnal weather. As much as I’m a summer baby, I love autumn too.I felt like my wardrobe was really lacking in autumn jackets but this one from Zara really feels like autumn in a jacket.  I also had my first pumpkin spiced latte this week and got called out by the barista for being basic as I said “I’m so excited about pumpkin spiced lattes I almost forgot to order decaf”. 

4. A weekend in London

I love getting to visit London and a little tradition me and my family have is going to Proms in the Park and Radio 2’s Festival in a Day. This year was the worst weather we’ve been in, Saturday was okay but Sunday I got absolutely soaked. However, I got to see some amazing bands and artists who I’ve wanted to see for years! This weekend I got to see STEPS (and yes, I did all of the dance moves), James Blunt, Stereophonic’s, Blondie, Ray Davis and Take That to name a few. It was absolutely amazing even if I got very wet and Take That were definitely worth being sat in the rain for 8 hours and be freezing and wet. They were honestly amazing and really know how to put on a show.


This is definitely the most exciting news this week. On Saturday I had the most exciting email notifying me that I’m a finalist in a new blogging competition set up by Vix & Laila which is based on the format of Ru Paul Drag’s Race. I’m super excited to be involved and getting stuck in with the challenges! Keep an eye out on the blog and my social media channels for The Blog Race content and if you enjoy it, don’t forget to vote for me on Saturday’s!  You can read more about the blog race here and see all the finalists here.


Katie May ❤️