5 things this week (#18)

Happy Easter Sunday Everyone!

I hope you’re having a lovely 4 day weekend eating your bodyweight in chocolate! I know that after not eating chocolate for the whole of lent, tucking into a chocolate egg (or two) has been very satisfying!

Is it just me or has this week gone both super fast and really slow? Last Monday and Tuesday feel like a lifetime ago but it also feels like I’ve had no time this week to do anything. I’ve had a totally unproductive week but I’m trying not to get too down on it. Next week is a fresh start after all and another opportunity to get stuff done!

Anywho, on with this weeks list of good things!

Driving solo

Being back at home has meant I’ve been able to use mums car more and I’m really starting to enjoy driving now! I’m getting more comfortable behind the wheel (even if I’ve had my license for a year!) and I love driving when the suns out and there are some good songs on the radio!

Getting tickets to Friends Fest

Friends Fest tickets went on sale this week and I managed to get some for my birthday weekend! I am so so excited for it already – it’s going to be a fab start to being 22 – and I’m on the hunt to find a perfect Monica inspired 90’s outfit for the occasion! Please send any outfit ideas my way!

The best moussaka

Me and mum are on the hunt for new recipes to try out and because we love moussaka so much, thought we should try and make our own. Using a Hairy Bikers recipe we had a little cooking session and oh my goodness it was amazing!

The Full Monty

ITV had two nights of The Full Monty raising awareness for cancer; specifically prostate and breast. They were two amazing nights which not only had me laughing but also shed a few tears. It was so inspiring to hear the stories and was such a creative way to spread the message and start the conversation. Cancer effects everyone’s lives and it’s important to talk about it and discuss signs and symptoms as well.

Kitty Cuddles

I have two cats, Fuzzy and Dumbledore, and Fuzzy our older cat has been spending time sat on her own a lot. She’s 18 this year and is a little ball of fluff! I was so excited when she started to come sit with us again and now we’ve moved her basket so she’s not hidden anymore. I know this is only a small thing but it’s made me so happy that she’s coming out more!

What’s been the best thing about your week? Let me know in the comments below!