5 things this week (#17)

This week has been a strange one. I haven’t been feeling 100% with my tummy and stoma playing up a bit and having some really bad joint and leg pains. BUT I’ve also had quite a productive week and feeling positive for things to come. I did a little instagram post earlier today about how I’ve started setting myself weekly goals. I feel like having smaller, weekly goals helps me achieve what I want to do as well as focuses me for the week. Not only that, but I feel like goals rather than a to do list helps prioritise what you actually want to do. It’s less of a ticking off process and more of aiming for things.

I’d love to know what you think about this so let’s discuss it in the comments below!

Finishing my essay

Remember that essay I told you about last week, well your gal finally finished it! It’s the longest piece of coursework I’ve ever had (apart from my dissertation) and I hadn’t set myself up well for it as I’d not been going to many of the seminars. However I put a lot of hours into this because I still wanted a good mark and I actually really got into it. I actually started enjoying the reading which was quite weird but also very welcomed. I’m not going to lie, there was a big sense of relief when I was finally finished and pressed submit. Only two more pieces of coursework  and a dissertation to go now!

Freshly Baked Scones

Last weekend my uncle and grandad came to see us and they brought some freshly baked scones from my auntie. They were absolutely gorgeous especially when I was eating them whilst reading In The Moment magazine with my cat next to me and not having to worry about coursework. It was pretty blissful!

Nina Is Not Okay

I went to Manchester just for the day this week so whilst I used the train journey to get a good start on Nina Is Not Okay by Shappi Khorsandi and ended up finishing it too! It was a phenomenal book which had me laughing, crying and cringing but it was a book which really resonated with me too. I’ll be doing a monthly roundup of books next week so I’ll do a full rundown for you then!

Sitting in the sun

It feels like spring has actually sprung this weekend and it’s been glorious! Last night I went to the theatre and actually managed to sit in the sun by the lake beforehand IN A SUMMER TOP WITH NO JACKET. I know, crazy, but it actually happened! I’m such a summer baby and always feel waaaaay more productive and just happier when the suns out!

Successful doctors appointments

I know it probably sounds weird to have a doctors appointment on a highlights of my week post but it actually was a highlight. I go to doctors and hospital appointments a lot, mainly for my colitis but also because I get really bad joint and general pains in my body. I went back this week to try and find out what these pains are and for once had a positive and successful appointment. I was listened to properly and had actual discussion with my doctor before getting actual tests done. I know it sounds small and this should be a given but this doesn’t normally happen! Plus, I’m happy that I’m actually moving forward to find out what’s causing these pains because they’re stopping me from doing so much!

How’s your week been?